Monday, August 12, 2013

Tali Beach

18-19 May 2013
Our good friend E was in town for a visit last May. We went to Tali Beach with him. It was actually all planned very near the date we met because we initially planned to meet with all the Migs at our favorite place. Unfortunately, our friends H and P were not available on those dates so we had to find an alternative. Since I only had a week to look for an alternative, all the resorts that I liked were fully booked already. Good thing, I saw an advertisement at our office for this house for rent in Tali Beach.

On that Saturday, we picked up E and his niece and nephews at his condo. Then off we all trooped to Batangas. I think it was already past 6pm when we arrived at the house so we didn’t have time to go to the beach anymore. Fortunately, we were able to catch the sunset. This viewing deck was very near the house we rented, we walked going here.

After that we went back to the house and just hang out. I really love trips like this, nothing to do but hang out hehe. I can't do a full "where to stay" post on the house we rented because it's a private house. But I'm posting some photos of the house.

Love the open space concept - living room, dining room and kitchen in one big open space.

Miya playing with the piano
Dinner is served

We hang out at the veranda just outside the living room.
Miya amused with her Ninong E

I love this photo. Miya looks so kikay. She's wearing a headband with a big ribbon here.
Next day was beach day! Tali beach is not as nice as Boracay’s. And the beach that we went to was small and got pretty crowded. But it will do for a nearby beach (near Manila). Tali is part of Batangas and most people who are able to go there have a house there or was able to rent a house (like us). It’s an exclusive residential village with different beaches. I think we went to the main beach.  Although the beach was near the house, we opted to drive going there because we brought merienda for the kids and we didn't want to carry them going there. I noticed a signboard at the beach, though, that bringing in food and barbecuing is prohibited. Maybe they meant lunch because no one told us off when the kids started eating the sandwiches we brought.

 Photos of the beach after the cut...

Can you spot us?

We went back to the house for lunch and afternoon siesta. We didn't want to leave.

Note to self: next time we plan a trip here, it's better to leave Manila very early on a Saturday and leave the next day late in the afternoon to maximize our stay.  


Tere said...


Can you please provide the contact details of the owner of the house you rented in Tali Beach and how much the rate was? Thank you.

cris said...

HI Tere! Sorry I don't think this house is open to the public. As I've mentioned in my post, the house was advertised within our office only.

Jenine said...

I hope you could give a list of the Tali resorts that you really like. :)

cris said...

Hi Jenine! You can try the place we stayed at in Tali last year...

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