Monday, December 23, 2013

Hong Kong Disneyland 2013 – Day 1 (Prelude)

Two more days before Christmas! I can't believe it! I feel I've never been around here for so long. I have so many things to share with you. I’ve had problems uploading photos here in Blogger but now, I’ve finally found a solution. So expect a few posts from me during this Christmas break. First up is our trip to Hong Kong Disneyland last November. We prepared for this trip for almost a year as we wanted our whole group to come along. Unfortunately, only three families pushed through with the trip and we encountered a few mishaps along the way but we’re all so happy we finally got the chance to travel abroad with each other and our families. Our last out-of-the-country trip was to Kota Kinabalu and that was a few years back.
3 November 2013

We took one of the earliest flights out of Manila (via Cebu Pacific) and arrived in Hong Kong around 8am.

We had breakfast at McDonald’s first and then we ventured out to Disneyland Hollywood Hotel where we are booked to stay.

That's Miya saying "Weee"
TIP: We bought our Disneyland park tickets from China Travel Service’s booth at the arrival section of HKIA. We got 15% discount from the regular rates. But they only accept cash payments so be sure to have your money changed first before heading to their booth.  

From the airport, we rode the bus going to the MTR Tung Chung station where we rode the MTR to Sunny Bay station and then rode the connecting train to Disneyland.

With Lola during the bus ride to Tung Chung station
From the Disneyland entrance, we walked a few meters to go to the parking bay for the shuttle buses where we rode to take us to our hotel.

With Mommy Charline and Mommy Janice
Cute photobomber behind us

Unfortunately, we arrived too early for check-in. It’s the hotel’s policy that they really give out rooms at 3pm no matter what time you arrive. You can opt to go straight to the park to explore or like us we opted to explore the hotel grounds (or take a nap which most of us did). TIP: Time your arrival at the hotel so that you won’t waste any time. For us we wasted almost half a day just waiting for our room. We didn’t have the energy to get out of the hotel grounds and explore Tung Chung or mainland HK so we opted to rest at the hotel lobby. The kids were able to nap and some of the adults. But for me, I was exhausted chasing after Miya and waiting to get comfy inside our room.

Miya had a grand time exploring the grounds of the hotel. She particularly loved the play area.

More photos after the jump...

When we got our room, we were supposed to take a nap and rest but Miya who’s alive and oh-so-alert after her nap in the lobby didn’t allow us to take a nap.

So around 5pm, we got ready to go out. Miya went down earlier than us with her Lolo and Lolo and she was back once again at the play area.

We together with the Fongs went to Tung Chung to have dinner and shop a little. Since we had to pass by the entrance of the park before going to the MTR station, we managed to squeeze in a bit of some photo op.

And off we go...

To be continued…

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