Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you had a wonderful and meaningful Christmas!

We spent the 24th at our home just the three of us. Joema had work that day so it was just Miya and me the whole day until Joema arrived in time for dinner. I asked Miya to paint some of the pages from her big drawing book as her gift for Daddy.

I cooked Pesto Spaghetti with breaded fish for dinner for my little family. And they both enjoyed it.

See the almost empty plate?

And then we let Miya eat ice cream hehe. We basically let her eat anything she wants this holiday season.

Patiently waiting for her ice cream


Daddy Santa bothering the little girl

After Miya gave her gift to Daddy
We started opening gifts around 9:30pm. It's good that we started early because Miya was so hyper afterwards she fell asleep around midnight already.

Here's a decent family shot.

For Christmas Day, we went to my parents' house and stayed the entire day there.

With Lolo and Lola after Christmas Day mass at the Parish of St. Therese

I hope you all have a blessed holiday season!

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