Friday, April 04, 2014

An Afternoon At The Beach

After almost a month of not being able to go out (except for another time for Miya’s graduation), last Saturday I was able to finally go out! And not just out and back at the office but out as in having fun out. Joy messaged me that we can go to the “beach” last Saturday. Even if Joema was at work, I said yes to her invitation. As soon as we were ready to go out, I downloaded Uber on my phone and requested for a ride. If you haven’t heard of Uber, you can read all about it here. Uber was awesome. Our ride was a black Toyota Camry. It was so comfortable, Miya was even lying down at our seat and wanted to take a nap. Our receipt was for about P350 which according to Joy was about P100 over the usual taxi fare ride to their house from our area. That’s cool right? For an additional P100 you don’t have to deal with taxi lines, rude and smelly taxi drivers. And you’re sure to arrive safe on your destination. Can you tell I really loved Uber? I really do! Now, I don’t have to stress out if we need to go somewhere and Joema is not around to drive us.

Anyways, when we got to Joy’s house it was still hot (we arrived after lunch) so we just chilled and watched The Hobbit 2. And then it was time to leave. Yehey!

Outing na outing ang mga bagets kahit na ang lapit lang naman ng pinuntahan namin
We’re so grateful they invited us to go. We really needed a break. Miya was so happy in the water. The great thing about this place is the water is just high enough for toddlers like Miya. She was able to move about and swim without our assistance. Mek had to go with her at the start because she didn’t want to swim alone but by the time we left, she was going up and down the slides and net on her own and she was able to conquer the circular slide with her Kuya Miguel. Haay, moments like these make me feel that she’s really a big girl now.

Testing the water

Until she conquered the slide on her own

Mommies chilling. I look so big na in this photo.
My water baby

This is her Mommy-I-want-chips face
Enjoy na enjoy talaga!

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