Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Missed Weeks in the 52 Project

Because of my house arrest last month, I wasn't able to post photos for my weekly 52 project. But I've been taking photos of my little one even though I haven't had time to post them here. So let me share with you weeks 9 until 15.

Taken: 6 March 2014
This photo was taken on the first whole day I had to stay at home because of bleeding. I took it after she got home from school.


Taken: 12 March 2014
I was still on bedrest this week and this was also taken after she got home from school. I loved how I get to greet her when she comes home. She usually gives me a very sweet smile when she gets home. But that's her gigil smile hehehe. I immediately know that she's about to knock on our door because I can hear her voice while she's talking to her yaya on the hallway on our way to our unit. She really doesn't stop talking and asking and telling stories.


Taken: 20 March 2014
This was taken on Miya's school graduation. I have to blog about that on a different post. It was a very tiring day but a very memorable one, too!


Taken: 23 March 2014
This was that one time when she learned to put the whole ice cream inside her mouth. This ice cream was actually her reward for participating in her graduation program hehe. More about that next time.


Taken: 2 April 2014
Like most girls her age, Miya is enthralled with Frozen. Her favorite is Anna. It's so hard to find Frozen dolls here in the Philippines so when I saw an officemate post a photo on FB for her nieces, I immediately asked about it. My officemate was so generous to give it to Miya as a belated birthday gift. Miya was so happy to receive the gift, she immediately inspected the doll. And she also immediately stripped the doll naked of its clothes. Yikes! She had another doll wear Anna's dress and then she'll let the Anna doll wear the dress again. Now, the doll sits naked in our living room hahaha!


Taken: 11 April 2014
Now that I'm back to work I seldom see her awake before we leave for the office. She looks so mabait when she's asleep hehehe. And then the moment she wakes up, she's like the tasmanian devil again hahaha!

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