Saturday, April 05, 2014

Miya's Ice Cream Party

For Miya’s third birthday, I originally looked into a Princess Sofia theme or Doc McStuffins theme because these are her favorite shows. But after her photoshoot at The Picture Company wherein we decided to have the photos below made into a collage, we decided to have an ice cream theme instead and use those photos. Anyways, it was still something she enjoys because she loves ice cream.  

So for her invite, I asked her Ninang Heili to do the invite from these free printables from Hostess with the Mostess. Heili came up with this final invite.

Then Miya’s Ninang Pam volunteered to do the tags for the loot bags. She came up with these.

I took the invite and the tags to Kodak to have them printed out on photo paper. The tags I cut out to its small square size each.

For the cake, this as our peg.
I asked my officemate who also did Miya’s cake last year to do it. Plus I also ordered the cake pops shaped as ice cream. I got a bit stressed with the cake pops because she used actual ice cream cone but they won’t stay put inside the box where she put them. Since our party was on a Monday and my officemate was on leave that day, we agreed to meet up on Sunday. The cake pops didn’t hold up during her travel. There were some that fell inside the box when I got them. I was so worried the night before, I finally decided I won’t use them if they will cause me so much stress. I was also worried about how the cake pops will look like the next day. Thankfully, I was able to still set up the cake pops on the cupcake stand and they looked wonderful. The kids upon seeing them wanted to immediately get them (they thought it was real ice cream). Even Miya’s teachers were amazed and said they tasted real good (I wasn’t able to eat even one cake pop).

Heili also photoshopped the buntings from the free printables to create a "Happy Birthday Miya" banner which I printed out on ordinary colored printer. The pompom ice cream were also DIY. Miya's Ninang Rhoda helped me make the pompoms and then I added the orange board paper as cone. My mother helped me shop in Divisoria for the giveaways. Was very pleased with the loot bags we were able to score at P18 per piece! And because I was in Divisoria, I was able to not overspend within my budget and still able to buy a lot for the kids. I was very particular with the giveaways because I wanted to stick with the ice cream theme. I bought stickers, hair clips, pens and colors, clay and tools set for the girls. Most of these items have ice cream or are shaped as ice cream. But for the boys, it was hard to stick to the theme. So aside from the pens and colors, and clay and tools set, I bought them stickers with a sports theme and some Iron Man lego figurines.

Our simple set up for the school party

I also ordered a Nestle Ice Cream cart for the party. This was what stressed me the most because the guy was super late. The party started at 1pm and he arrived 1:30 pm! I kept on calling the supplier. Haaay! Anyways, it was all good. Atleast the kids were able to eat their Jollibee food first before eating their dessert.

 Here are photos of the party!

This photo was actually taken during their class before the party. Story about that shirt: I had the hardest time looking for a shirt with an ice cream printed on it. Good thing I found that shirt in Cotton On Kids. The leggings is also from there. The crown was given to her by her teacher - says birthday girl.

We were so near the table because the kids gathered near the cake pops. They wanted to take it even before singing the birthday song hehe.

Blow your cake and make a wish!
Getting a gift from her classmate. For the food, I didn't want to stress so much so I ordered Jollibee meals for everyone. Chicken and spaghetti for kids, chicken and rice for the adults.
Busy sa pagkain ng balat ng chicken haha!
Look at how intent this kid is looking at the cake pop. Maybe she's thinking, "Is this real ice cream?"
One of Miya's classmate getting her ice cream
Our only family photo from the party. Thank you so much, Honey, for leaving work to be with your daughter at her party. Means the world to us! (He immediately went back to work after the party hehe). By the way, my parents in law were also with us but we didn't get to take a photo of them with Miya. Yikes talaga!
One of the kids getting her cake pop. Tingnan nyo almost ubos na. Yay!
With Miya's classmates. Yes, nagbukas agad sya ng gift sa kanya. That book is a gift from her classmate.
Lootbag time!
Birthday girl was happy!


Aimee Diego said...

Love her cake! Happy birthday Miya and congrats Cris for the successful ice cream party!

cris said...

Thanks, Aimee! I had fun preparing for her birthday party :)

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