Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Birthday Celebration - Day 1

How was your Holy Week? Most people went on vacation and went to the beach last week. I’m itching to go to the beach too, but that’s for a few more weeks. For now, let me share with you our birthday getaway this year to Dumaguete and Siquijor. We booked our plane tickets last Labor Day so we got them very cheap. Ate Je was supposed to go with us so that she can go home and take a vacation but unfortunately her doctor didn’t allow her to go anymore.

28 January

We left on the day of my birthday for Dumaguete. We arrived there around 4:30pm. Our hotel had a van waiting for us at the airport to pick us up. We were supposed to get our ferry tickets from Coco Travel Safari along Rizal Blvd. but they were not ready yet when we arrived so we asked our contact person if they could bring it to our hotel instead. Happily, they obliged. After we settled in to our room, we went out to have an early dinner. It was drizzling when we got there so we didn’t really have the opportunity to go around the city plus our little one was so hyperactive that time (we blame it on the chewing gum we gave her on the plane – for her ears!) so we didn’t really have much choice but to go directly where we want to have dinner. We went to Sans Rival of course. We went to the smaller store first but we can’t figure out if it was the main restaurant or just the cake shop so we transferred next door. You can also order your sans rival and sylvannas from the main restaurant.
This was taken along the baywalk of Rizal Blvd. just in front of Sans Rival
For dinner, we ordered their salpicao and Paella Negra. Gosh just typing this now makes my mouth water. I can’t forget how delicious those two dishes were. Now I’m craving for their Paella!!!!

Oopps Joema ordered a pork dish pala but I didn't like it as much. Talagang paella and salpicao yung tinira ko hahaha!

Sans Rival is a very nice restaurant and very homey. It only seats a few people. Good thing when we arrived there were tables available. But the place can easily fill up.

This was taken at the entryway of the restaurant while waiting for our food to arrive. Pati payong di pinalagpas ng anak ko.

The little girl didn't want to stay put for a few seconds for a photo

Look how likot! She didn't eat much that night, she was running solely on the sugar from the chewing gum hahaha!
We ordered some sylvanas, a slice of sans rival and a few pieces of their lava cake to go. We should’ve ordered more!!! We planned to go back when we come back from Siquijor, unfortunately, mother nature had other plans (more on that later). Anyway, when we got back to our hotel room I had the chance to blow a candle on our sans rival. I didn’t want to order an entire cake because we were travelling the next day to Siquijor.

To be continued...


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