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Our Birthday Celebration - Day 2

Day 1 - 28 January

Day 2 - 29 January

The next day, we had just enough time to take a bath and get ready and we were on our way to Dumaguete Port for Siquijor.  Our hotel room didn’t include breakfast so we just ate our leftover Paella. It was so delicious!!! Even without heating, it still tasted so good. Dumaguete City is a small city so pretty much everywhere you go will only take around 5-10mins via tricycle. We booked our ferry tickets via our resort in Siquijor – Coco Grove Beach Resort. It was delivered to our hotel room the previous day which was very convenient for us. We only had to ride the ferry and then sign the manifesto and we’re good to go. We booked the GL Express ferry because of the time, the ferry from Dumaguete left at 10am. For reference, here’s a list of the ferry schedule that the resort provided to us to choose from

Dumaguete to Siquijor Pier

5:40 am Jay Lann-1out trigger boat (1 Hr & 15 minutes)
8:00 am Aleson Ferry (Cargo Ferry/2Hrs.)
10:00 am Montenegro Lines (Cargo ferry/ 2 hrs to Larena Pier)
10:00 am GL Express (1 Hr)
12:00 nn Jay Lann-1out trigger boat (1 Hr & 15 minutes)
1:00 pm Ocean Jet Ferry(45 Minutes Travel Time)
2:15 pm Jay Lann Ship (1 Hr & 30 minutes)
3:00 pm Aleson Ferry (Cargo Ferry/2Hrs.)
4:30 pm GL Express (1 Hr)
6:00 pm Montenegro Lines (Cargo ferry/ 2 hrs to Larena Pier

Siquijor Pier to Dumaguete Port

5:50 am Jay Lann Ship (1 Hr & 30 minutes)
8:00 am GL Express (1 Hr)
9:30 am Jay Lann-1 out trigger boat (1 Hr & 15 minutes)
11:00 am Aleson Ferry (Cargo Ferry/2Hrs.)
12:00 nn GL Express (1 Hr)
2:30 pm Ocean Jet Ferry(45 Minutes Travel Time)
3:45 pm Jay Lann out trigger boat (1 Hr & 30 minutes)
5:30 pm Aleson Ferry (Cargo Ferry/2Hrs.)

If you don’t like boat rides, I don’t think you can go to Siquijor unless you avail of the private plane services of the resort. The boatride was a bit of a ride because of the huge wages. We all drank Bonamine before leaving the port but I still got a little bit nauseated during the ride. We ate hard candies to help ease the seasickness as well. But I think the most helpful for me was listening to music (fast songs) on earphones. I think it was the rhythm of the music together with the beatig of the wave on our boat that helped. Just a tip in case you’ll go to Siquijor. Fortunately, Miya slept during the boat ride. She didn’t vomit or anything so thank God!

Finally, Siquijor pier! I think it took longer than an hour for the ferry to reach Siquijor from Dumaguete. We're wearing our sweaters because we were getting wet from the ferr by the waves.
From Siquijor pier, a van of the resort picked us up. We rode together with a Caucasian family with a baby (I guess no more than a year old) who flew all the way from their European country. I knew of this because when our guide told us it will take around 15 minutes to go to the resort, the dad said that they flew like 15 hours and then rode the ferry, a few minutes won’t hurt them. During the ride, our guide gave an introduction about the resort, the different restaurants inside and the different activities we can do.

Welcome drinks when we arrived at the resort

Our room wasn’t ready yet when we checked in so we had lunch first at one of the restaurants at the resort - Sunset Restaurant. The restaurant is in front of the beach so while waiting for our food, Miya and I went straight to the waters.


Di rin nakatiis si Joema. That's the restaurant behind him and Miya.
Yay our food finally arrived. I loved the food at the resort. It's not too expensive but not cheap either. Just right for resort prices considering that it's delicious.
I think all our family shots during this trip are taken while eating in their reastaurants.
More photos after the jump...

Our room still wasn't ready after eating so we whiled away our time at the game room.

We were finally told that our room is ready. Although it was a bit of a walk going to our room, note that the resort is sprawling.

We finally reached our room...the one of the top left is ours.

We immediately changed into our swim clothes and hit the pool - it was still too hot for the beach then.

The resort had two pools - this was the Olympic Size Pool

When we got hungry (yes we only had lunch a few hours ago but we're already hungry haha!), we ate merienda at another restaurant at the resort - Salamandas Restaurant.

WIth the cocktail umbrella from our juice
There were a lot of tables outside the restaurant along the beach sand so that's where we usually ate.
After eating, we hit the beach.

After watching the sunset, we washed up and got ready for dinner. Yes, this is the ultimate vacation, we ate, lounged around, ate again, napped, ate and then slept for the night hihi.  We went back to Sunset Restaurant for dinner because they had Barbecue Night that night where they offered what else different kinds of barbeque with accompanying music by an acoustic band.

To be continued…

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