Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our Birthday Celebration - Day 3

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3 - 30 January – Miya’s birthday

As with previous celebrations of MIiya’s birthday, even if we weren’t home we had a cake for her (the lava cake we got from Sans Rival) and let her blew her cake.

Sleepy heads
I love the look of wonder in her eyes

Happy birthday my wee darling!
We brought along our gifts for her to open.
That happy smile! We gave her small inexpensive gifts and one big gift, we like her to open several gifts at a time.
Our annual bagong gising family portrait on her birthday
After opening her gifts and some picture taking, we changed into our swimwear and then headed out for breakfast and then swimming. We had breakfast at the nearer Salamandas Restaurant.

We had breakfast at one of the huts outside the restaurant. Our view was the beach.
She brought one of our gifts which we read while waiting for our food
One of their favorite spots on the resort
Our room comes with free breakfast. It's a set meal but you can choose from a variety of choices from American to Filipino breakfast meal. It also comes with a juice, coffee and fruit for dessert.

We then headed out towards the beach in front of Sunset Restaurant for swimming.

I look pregnant here. I was! But only for a few weeks hehehe.
The sand is finer at this side of the beach

I love how clear the water is

I love this rashguard and bikini bottom I got at Cotton On Kids. The size is  18months but it fit Miya perfectly hahaha!
She loves getting sand by the beach and then throwing it to the water
By mid-morning, Miya got hungry (because she didn’t eat much of breakfast) so we ordered garlic bread at Sunset Restaurant. The resort staff are very friendly and most of them knew us by our names by this time. They would always ask us how we are and how we are enjoying our stay.

Then we transferred to the beach side pool after eating.

Joema decided to rent some snorkeling gear and fins so that he can explore the coral reefs at the resort – Tubod Marine Sanctuary. So Miya and I went ahead to our room to wash up for lunch after swimming.

The resort had a game of coconut husk and pins (sse at the right side of the photo) which we played with. Miya decided she wanted to hold the board with the instructions.
We passed by the fishermen's village going to our room so I asked Miya if she wanted to sit on the boat.

We had lunch at Salamandas Restaurant again.

Our little birthday girl

We ordered cake for dessert and told the staff to put a candle on it because it was Miya’s birthday. They sang the birthday song to Miya while giving us the cake. Yun lang, fail sa photo op yung pagblow ng cake. It was so windy so the staff had to put his hand around the candle.

I think we napped after lunch and then went to swim again before dinner.

Dinner was again at Salamandas Restaurant.

To be continued...

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