Friday, August 01, 2014

Buntis Serye @ 29 weeks

I'm officially on my third trimester (29 weeks and . Does that make me happy? Well, I'm not sure. I'm excited to see our baby boy but at the same time I'm a bit panicky that we have a lot to prepare for him. I need to:

  •  buy his clothes  - I already bought a few but after checking the white basic ones from Miya's stash, I need to buy white basics again as those of Miya's were stained 
  • wash the clothes that we already have - of course, not me but Yaya
  • wash and clean the crib/playpen
  • rearrange our bedroom with the crib
  • general cleaning of our bedroom
  • get on rehiring our previous Yaya - we already asked her to come back by the 1st of September but I'm now thinking if we should get her by the 15th of this month
  • pack our hospital bags
  • find our birthing class certificate from before
  • order my breast pump and teats for the bottles online
  • have our sterilizer fixed 
Aside from those, I need to finish up all my reports at work at least those that are due until October this year so that I don't have so much pending work to be left behind. And I'm also worried about giving birth which I find a bit weird. I've had a very easy birth with Miya so I don't know were the anxiety is coming from. Might be because of the things I have to deal with with this pregnancy that are so different from Miya's. Aside from going on bed rest during my first trimester, I'm now diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Ack! After a glucose screening last June which turned up a high blood sugar level for me, our OB asked me to do a glucose test (OGTT) wherein I had to fast for 8 hours and then the clinic had to draw up blood from me 3 times (1 hour after the other). And that resulted to high blood sugar level again so our OB referred me to an endocrinologist. We went to the endo this Monday and she told me to monitor my blood sugar. So now I'm using a glucometer and getting blood samples 3 times a day. Also this Wednesday, I went to a dietician to get a meal plan. Surprisingly, I can still eat rice, pasta and bread but within the serving limits which is usually 1/2 to 1 cup per meal. The only no-no are desserts. And I have to really eat in moderation, small frequent meals. During our last OB checkup, I  also complained of having palpitations. So my OB also had me do a thyroid test as well. She said it might be a complication of a thryoid problem and the endo will check on it as well. But if it's not then I might have to be referred to a cardiologist. I think this was what ticked off my anxiety. I thought of dying during child birth! What if I my heart stopped while giving birth?!?! I know so morbid! And then I thought of how Joema will take care of my kids, if he will remarry, where will they live, will he ask his mother to live with them. Those sort of things! Haaay! It was just too much to think about! I almost wished I had a thyroid problem just so I already know that these palpitations are caused my something aside from my heart. Well, it turned out I don't have a thyroid problem. I hope I won't have to go to a cardiologist for a check. I've been monitoring my palpitations and I think I haven't had one since the start of this week. Whew! Praying this will continue. 

Anyway, here's the latest photo of our Baby Minion (he have got to pick a name for him already!!!!).

Can you see our Baby Minion? Tilt your head to your left. There he is, looking straight at you. He has chubby cheeks like his Ate Miya.

Now, here are some photos of the preggy momma!

26 weeks and 3 days (taken 10 July) - wearing latch a Babe nursing dress

28 weeks and 3 days (taken 24 July) - wearing Gingersnaps dress
29 weeks and 3 days (taken 31 July) - wearing a maternity top (forgot the brand but bought in SM store) and white cardigan


~currant7 said...

Congratulations, Cris!!!!

Super happy for you and cannot wait to meet your baby boy soon. :)

cris said...

Thanks, Cheryl! :)

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