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Miya's Graduation from Nursery

20 March 2014

I've posted a photo of Miya on her graduation day but didn't elaborate on it. Finally, I have the chance to blog about its entirety. Her graduation day fell on a day that I was on bed rest. I was bleeding almost the entire month of March. I was praying and praying and praying that the bleeding will stop and I will be well enough to attend Miya's graduation. Hurrah our Lord is most faithful and very generous, He granted my prayers. My bleeding stopped a few days before Miya and I was well enough to attend her graduation. I was still on sick leave then because I was advised by my OB to rest so I didn't have to file for another leave to attend the ceremony. Anyways, the graduation was at Club Filipino in San Juan. My parents-in-law were able to come with us. When we got there, Miya was led to the "backstage" with the other students while we went to get our seats. We were seated at the side where we can see Miya while she performs. Unfortunately, inatake ng hiya ang anak ko. I thought we were past this because she performed well on stage for their school's Family Day and Christmas Party celebrations. Oh well! We were seated in front and she would ask me to go with her.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

At one side of the venue were photos of the children and something was written on it. I had to hold back tears while reading it. I told Joema we should have brought tissues haha.

We had some time for photos before the program started.

With my little "graduate"

For the first part of the program where the students did the opening prayer, national anthem and their opening song, Miya just stood there. Haay! She wanted me to come on stage with her. As I've said, I thought we were already through this. Well, apparently not.

For the Nursery class's first performance, they danced to the song "Awitin Mo at Isasayaw Ko." But my little girl wasn't in the mood to dance.

After that, I had to come with her backstage and convince her to sing for Mommy and Daddy. I promised she would get an ice cream as a reward after the program haha.

Smiling backstage before their second performance
For their second performance, the Nursery class danced to "Da Coconut Nut". Before their dance started she was whispering to from the stage, "Mommy, yung ice cream ko ha!" LOL Here's a video of her. Too bad she was facing her teacher who was seated at the center of the stage, you can't see her face while she's dancing.

Backstage, I saw her interacting with her classmates. It's nice to know that she plays with other kids now. Her teacher's feedback before was she doesn't interact that much with her classmates. They said it might be because she was very talkative already and prefers to talk to her teachers instead of her classmates who are not as verbal as her.

She exchanged accessories with M. Medyo over na tuloy sa accessories because her top is bejeweled. We didn't have to change their shirt because they were about to use their toga but she was sweating so much I had to change her other top.

Eating cookies with P
My little graduate
Then it was time to call the students for each level and present them with their awards. Miya's awards were Inquisitive Student award and Imaginative Student award. I told my hubby it was "consolation prize" awards hahaha. Kidding aside, Miya is in a progressive school so they don't really rank the students. They give the awards based on the personalities of each student. So many students got the same awards as Miya. Still, we are very very proud of her. This is a milestone for her. We still don't have the official photos of the event from the school so let me post these from our camera.

For the last performance of all the students, Miya just sat there again and did not sing nor dance hahaha. Hay naku talaga! They performed the theme song from Bagets (the program's theme is the 80's if you haven't caught it yet). 

After the program, we collected her yearbook which is a really great souvenir of her first year in school. I was so tired after the program but it was all worth it. Thank God, I was well enough to attend this.

Family photo outside the venue
Dinner with my in-laws after the event

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