Friday, September 12, 2014

Tali, Batangas 2014

24-25 May

I had a very busy summer this year. Aside from Puerto Galera, we also went to Tali, Batangas with our Flyfish friends.

We passed by Tagaytay on the way to Tali and had lunch at Leslie’s.

Then we stopped by the Mahogany Market to buy steak for our dinner later that evening. After that we we’re on our way to Tali. In case you don’t know, Tali is a private subdivision just after Punta Fuego. You need to rent a house inside the subdivision for you to get inside. Most of the houses for rent are posted in the internet. We got ours from sulit. Here’s a link of the house we rented out. Here’s their flicker account for more pics and their bloggeraccount for the rules and guidelines. I’m a bit disappointed with the house because the rooms are not that big and the bath room upstairs is a half-bath (no shower area). But those are definitely not deal breakers. There were 4 rooms, all airconditioned. Even the living room on the second floor is airconditioned. Although it may get too hot in their dining area because they only have a small stand fan there. We preferred to eat outside in the veranda for dinner when we stayed there. By the way, we were 4 families who used the place with one yaya each, so that’s 12 adults with 8 kids all below 5 years old. The yayas slept in the living room, the housekeeper provided us mattresses for the yayas. We paid P17,000 for the whole house so that came down to P4,250 for each family which was more than okay considering the house is beachfront and you can bring your own food and cook your food at the same time. They have a well equipped kitchen.

We and Mands’ family brought inflatable pool for the kids to enjoy since we’ve foreseen it would be too hot to go to the beach when we arrive. The little kids enjoyed the pool.

Then we all went to swim at the beach.

I was 19 weeks and 5 days preggo in this photo

Miya with Ninang Janice

Ang saya-saya namin sa tubig di ba? 
Miya didn't want to walk along the sand and asked her Daddy to carry her

Tatanggi ba naman si Daddy?

When the kids got tired, we all washed up and they whiled away the time drawing. While the daddies cooked the steak over the grill for dinner.

Dinner time! Happy bellies!

The kids were all exhausted that after dinner we all settled down and let the kids sleep. Even the adults slept na rin. The next day after breakfast, we hit the beach again!

Hopefully next summer we can do this again!

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