Thursday, September 11, 2014

This Preggo Momma Goes Out with Friends

22 August 2014

When I'm at work, I rarely go out of the building for lunch because I try to limit my walking within the building. I get tired easily nowadays and I don't really want to endanger myself and the baby by walking around a lot (I've been on bedrest too many times I think). So this rare Friday I was able to go out for lunch with friends and then in the evening went on KTV night with another group of friends. Yes, it's that rare that it's a bloggable moment!

Lunch At Abe

Happy birthday, my friend! Thanks for the lunch treat!
KTV at Music Match



Anna said...

Good job, Preggo!! At least nakalabas ka. Kakaloka the tiredness that comes with being pregnant noh??

cris said...

Ohmygosh yes! I think it also comes with age ahahaha! Konting lakad lang pagod at hingal na ko!

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