Friday, February 20, 2015

Where to Stay in Tagaytay: Crosswinds Resorts Tagaytay

We got the 1-bedroom suite at Crosswinds Resorts for my father's birthday. I got a voucher from Deal Grocer which included breakfast for two but allowed us to have 5 adults and 1 kid in the suite. I paid for extra bed for the 5th adult, my brother. The layout of the suite is your typical 1-bedroom condo.

Here's the dining and living room. The extra bed was placed in between the sofa (which turns to a bed) and the dining table. The door you see after the living room is the door to the bedroom. To the left of the dining table is the kitchen, to the right is the veranda. 
Here's the kitchen which is to the left of the dining table (if you're facing the living room). Crosswinds had 0% corkage fee so we were able to fully utilize this kitchen without cost. We brought in food for cooking as well as cooked food for our merienda, dinner and breakfast. 
Here's the bedroom
View of the living room and dining area from the room
Here's the bathroom. The bathroom adjoins the living room to the bedroom. This photo was taken from the door from the living room. To the right of the sink leads to the door of the bedroom. 
The shower stall
View from our veranda
Another view from the veranda
Pool area
Kiddie pool
Playground beside the pool area
You need to have your own vehicle when you book here as the property is quite big. The drive from the hotel to the pool area is around 5mins which I'm not sure if you're willing to walk to instead of drive because the roads are quite steep. The resort is also far from the dining options in Tagaytay so it was a plus that they allow guests to cook in the suite as you don't have to go outside for dinner and just stay in your suite.

Overall, I would like to book at this resort again. Once you're inside, you can just spend the whole time there by going to the pool and the playground - very kid and family friendly.

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