Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week 15: The 52 Project 2015

Another photo from our weekend at the beach. When I asked her to look at the camera she told me she was busy hahaha! More than going into the water, she likes playing in the sand when we're at the beach. I love it that my daughter shares my love for the ocean. We are truly both Aquarians #anodaw

He's at the stage where he loves putting everything in his mouth. I have to unearth the gifts we received over Christmas for teethers and toys he can use as teethers. Hay naku, I really feel guilty because I don't seem to buy anything new for this little boy. I always rely on what gifts he has received, which are enough really. I'm just guilty because even though he's my second child, it's as if I'm not aware of what milestones we'll encounter with him each month. Case in point, when we started giving him solids. I didn't even buy him a proper spoon and bowl. We just used what was available in the house. Does that make me a bad mother? I hope not! E with Miya todo bili talaga ng mga bagong gamit for her. I'm so sorry baby boy! That doesn't mean I love you any less! It's just that Mommy's more practical now adays and I know what really needs to be bought and what's just shoved in my face by marketing. Mwah mwah mwah!

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