Monday, December 07, 2015

Halloween Costume

When I was about to make this entry, I remembered I was not able to blog about Miya and Javi's costumes last year. It's a good thing Miya's been the one suggesting her costumes since last year. I don't have to think about what she'll be. She chooses and then I execute. For Javi on the other hand, I still get free reign over what he wears. Without further ado, here are the costumes of my kids from last year and this year.


Last year,  Miya chose to be Sheriff Callie. I actually asked her around August last year, what she wanted to be for Halloween. I wanted to know way before I give birth so that I'll have time to prepare if ever. She chose to be Sheriff Callie because the sheriff cat wears a pink cowboy hat, pink kerchief and pink boots! 

I thought the costume was simple enough. We only had to buy the different elements of the costume and put them together so I didn't actually prepare anything before I gave birth. A few weeks before Miya's school Night Out (annual Halloween fair), I asked my mom to buy the hat and boots at Divisoria. She had a hard time finding the hat. She said she scoured Divisoria for 3 hours until she found a pink strawhat. A friend told me that for her kid's cowboy themed birthday party they bought straw hats for the guests and she just sew the edges to look like a cowboy hat. So that's what we eventually did. I wanted to buy a vest for her for her top but we didn't find any at the SM Store so I bought her a chambray top instead with pink pockets. We also bought a pink handkerchief to complete the look. I cut out a star from the leftover gold cloth we have from last year's costume for the sheriff badge. And voila!

Meanwhile, Javi used a puppy frogsuit that was gifted to him.

He was only more than a month old here
For our Migs annual trick or treat, Javi wore an LA Lakers frog suit instead of the puppy one.


For this year Miya wanted to be Disgust from Inside Out. So I told her we can dress up Javi as Anger hehe. I had a hard time buying a green wig for Miya, it's either super expensive (almost 2thousand pesos) or other colors are available but green was not. So I went to Instagram and found this really cute store which sells handmade beanies: Posh Dollies. I asked if she could rush doing my order, I think I ordered only a week before our trick or treat but she was able to deliver anyway. The beanies were affordable, the one for Miya only cost P500 while the one for Javi cost P350. For the clothes, again I ask my mom to buy them coz again like last year, I'm pregnant and can't go around scouring the malls for the costume. But I bought Miya's leggings while Javi's red shorts were already on hand. I also used a red bandana that Miya used in her Linggo ng Wika program in school as Javi's necktie.

When I was taking her photo at the right, I didn't know why she was posing like that. It was only when I did this collage and posted this photo on IG did I realize that she was doing Disgust's pose!

Si Anger na hindi hahahaha! Happy baby as Anger. 

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