Thursday, December 03, 2015

Family Day

Over the weekend, we went to Miya's school for their Family Day. Their section was assigned the color fuschia pink which was a happy accident because Miya's favorite color is pink.

Binata na anak ko

My babies

The first agenda for the day was mass with the other families and then the program for the Family Day started. It was held inside an airconditioned convention hall but because of the number of people who attended, the place got kind of hot. The program were hosted by ABS-CBN talents Andre and Ginger. But I don't think they did a good job considering that their audience were mostly kids. Sure the adults were there to listen to them but they had a lot of spiels during the hosting which I don't really appreciate because it kept the kids waiting. Haha! Sorry about that. There was also a magic show which again I think the magician was not fit for an audience like that. His spiels were not suitable for young children, he kept saying that magicians are not cheaters (because they tend to lie or deceive their audience, right?) because they are faithful to their girlfriends. Duh?!?!  Plus the show as a bit long for the children's attention span. By the middle of the magic show, most of the kids became weary and started standing up and asking for snacks hehe. 

Uhaw na ang baby

Hulas na hindi pa nagpeperform

Anyways, the highlight was the performance of the children of course. Here are Miya's videos.

And then of course, there were games. As I've mentioned in my previous post, Miya doesn't like participating in games because she doesn't like losing. Good thing, we were able to convince her to join. The first game with her Ate (since I can't really do anything physical because of my condition) and then the second game was with Daddy. She even won a Lego toy from the raffle!

Game with daddy

Happy with her raffle prize

I really appreciate activities like this in school. Although we can go out as a family, it's still worthwhile to spend the day as a unit and go on activities like this to celebrate our child and watch her perform.

My loves

Inside the classroom after the program

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