Tuesday, May 30, 2017

#BrgyAlano Goes to Hong Kong - Day 1

A few weeks ago our family went to Hong Kong. This is a milestone for us as it's our first time to travel as a family of five, it's Javi and Nina's first plane ride, it's also their first out of the country trip. We travelled with my parents and my brother for this trip. Suffice it to say, we were all excited!

Nina's first plane ride! She sat on my lap while Ate sat between me and Daddy

Kuya's first plane ride - he sat with Lolo! 
I was hoping the kids would sleep during the flight but Nina did not sleep a wink! Miya and I switched seats so she could look outside the window. Miya fell asleep after takeoff, Javi also slept during the flight but I heard him cry a bit (his ears hurt, I think) but he was okay again after we landed.

The baby who did not sleep the entire flight! And she pooped! 
This is after we landed - so glad to see him okay. 

I lost P1,000 at the money exchange counter! Grrr! I exchanged an x amount of Pesos to HKD when I absent-mindedly put a thousand pesos on the counter. And then I left it there! Hay naku! Joema told me to forget about it and not let it spoil our vacation. So I did.

We were brave because we took the Airport Express and transferred trains in the MTR instead of taking the taxi from airport to our hotel hahaha!

Good thing our hotel was just a few meters away from Prince Edward MTR station. When we got to our room, I put Nina down and told the kids, "Okay, go wild!" and they did!

Nina, Joema and I stayed behind while the rest of the family went out to eat dinner. When they got back, Joema and I ventured out. We ate at an authentic HK restaurant, the owner didn't speak English, but unfortunately we ate a so-so dinner for almost HK150 (that's almost a thousand pesos!).

To be continued...

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