Monday, May 28, 2007

Solidify my Presence*

First time nung Friday na ibang combo ng friends ang kasama ko - Joel, Gary and Mands - na mag-dinner. Well, they sort of belong to different circles of friends. Joel and Gary are friends from IL while Mands is a friend from Philam. But since the actuarial field is a small one – either you know each other from school (Mands and Joel) or you end up being officemates (Gary and Mands). Haha talk about six degrees of separation. Anyhow, the original plan was Gary will treat me and Joel to dinner. But since he said that he’ll be able to leave work at 7:30pm pa we called him para pilitin na umalis sya ng maaga. Mands answered the phone and we invited him instead to dinner (and would have left out Gary pang-asar lang sana haha). We ate at Crustacia at Rockwell.

Bumangka si Joel buong gabi hahahaha. Dami nyang kwento about his office, the upcoming Ms. Universe pageant, religion (religion daw o!), mussels and the light saber (na di ma-gets ni Mands). We left Starbucks past midnight. Good thing Mands offered, well I offered that Mands take me home wehehehe.

Oh and I finally got the reviewer for Exam M. Gary lent me their copy. Remember I blogged here last year that I will take the exam. Well, I wasn’t able to study so I didn’t enroll for the exam. This year I’m hoping na sipagin akong mag-aral.


Ooooh! Karen, I got your pasalubong yesterday. Salamatski!!! Mwah mwah!
*One of the few things Joel told us. Sobrang laughtrip nito!


karen said...

Pag-pasensyahan na at hindi ako nakapag-shopping. Hehe. Sa susunod na lang.

cris said...

dapat sa susunod ikaw naman ang magdadala ng pasalubong :)

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