Thursday, September 30, 2010

Singapore GP

So yeah, we did go to the condo to watch the Singapore GP. Good thing we did because Vettel was finally back in the podium, although he didn’t win the first place, 2nd place wasn’t that bad. The important thing at this stage in the season is to be consistenly place in the podium and earn big points. Unlike Hamilton, who was classified DNF and took home no points. I thought it was a bit uhmmm..what better word to use…since Vettel was always ramming into other drivers but the stewards didn’t investigate those incidents. I guess when the team asks the stewards to investigate, this will initiate the investigation. Hamilton was the loser and Webber was the one who gained the advantage. He took home 3rd place, that 15 effing points, so he’s still the leader in the driver’s championship. Truth is I don’t really want him to win haha. If Vettel won’t win then I’d like to see Hamilton or even Alonso take home the championship.

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