Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Bambini is a Boy/Girl?

16 October 2010

On our last visit to the OB although we didn’t see our real OB, we were scheduled for a congenital anomaly scan with Dra. Pineda. My first question to Dra. Pineda when she entered the room was “Doc, malalaman na po ba yung gender ng baby namin?” and she answered “Depende kay baby kung gusto nya ipakita. Ano bang gusto nyo?” I told her I wanted a girl, while my hubby preferred a boy.

Then she said “Winner si mommy.” The first image the OB showed us was our baby’s genitals.

We’re having a baby girl! Our Bambini is a girl! I’m so so happy :D Before I got pregnant, I wanted to have a boy as our first born. I always wanted to have a kuya (being a first-born myself) and wanted my kids to have their kuya, someone to protect them. But when I got pregnant, basta lang, I just felt that I’m going to have a girl. Although it helped that people kept telling me it might be a girl hehe. But there were times that I thought the baby’s a boy because my skin got darker, I got lines in my neck and my armpit had darker skin (TMI!) and based on old folks these are tell-tale signs that the baby is a boy.

Anyways, Joema and I were both grinning when the doctor said our baby is a girl. Then the doctor proceeded checking every little body parts of our little girl. Her hands, her feet, her brain, her neck, her spine, her kidneys, her bladder, everything. We’re happy to report that our little girl passed with flying colors, she’s a healthy and normal baby. Thank God! She actually kept on moving and changing her position while the OB did the CAS. The doctor was able to get photos of her doing different poses.

Her profile

Looks like she's praying (see her hands clasped together?). Me too, anak, and I think the Lord heard our prayers.

See, I think she looks like me hehe and she seems like she's smiling here.

After our prior OB visit (which was a scare!), we are so thankful to know that our baby girl is healthy and normal. And although, my real OB hasn't given me the go-signal yet to start walking around, Dra. Pineda assured us that the baby's position is not too low. We’re so excited to see you, Bambini! Oh, we love you so much! I still marvel at the thought of how much I can love this baby even though I haven’t met her in person yet!

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