Thursday, March 29, 2012

Udele's Christening

Believe it or not, I never had a god daughter until I got pregnant with Miya. I have plenty of godsons, more than 10. The first one I became ninang to was when I was only 10 years old, I think, he’s a younger cousin. When I was pregnant and we don’t know the gender of the baby yet, and a friend told me I will be godmother to her son, I told her why I always get to have godsons and not goddaughters. She said not to worry because it might be because my baby will be a girl. Nagdilang anghel ang kaibigan ko!

Last Sunday, my second goddaughter, Joema’s niece, was baptised. Incidentally, my first goddaughter is also from Joema’s side of the family but we weren’t able to go to the christening. This time around, we made it a point to go because we haven’t visited Bocaue for such a long time. Joema’s family haven’t seen Miya as often. The baptism was held at Tramway, Timog.

My goddaughter, Udele.

Miya with her cousin and kinakapatid

Confession time: I fear that Miya will grow up to be a bully. She has been “bullying” her cousin, S, who’s my first goddaughter, everytime we see each other. Air quotes because at this stage, I don’t think she’s really aware of what she’s doing. She’s just following her instincts of getting what she wants. One of her playmates at our place who’s a boy and a bit bigger than Miya, she gets candies from. As in she snatched the candy from the little boys hand. I always tell yaya to tell Miya that that’s bad behavior. Although, yaya tells me there’s this other kid whom Miya is afraid of. The kid is smaller than Miya. So I guess the norm in our place is, the smaller you are the more siga you are haha. In the baptism, her cousin cried although at no fault of my daughter. See this cousin of hers is my mother-in-law’s alaga when they’re in Bocause. So during the baptism, my MIL, of course sabik with her only apo was carrying Miya. While S wanted to be carried too. My MIL carried both children, but since my daughter wants her lola for herself gently pushed S’s shoulder, not to hurt her but just to tell her "thsi is my lola". My MIL then asked her sister to carry S. But S was adamant to be carried by my MIL so she cried. Here’s a photo of Miya being carried near S para magbati sila. Poor S.

See? S is still crying
Miya’s growing up to be so smart or biba (bibo) in Filipino. She charms everyone she sees. I’m mighty proud of her for being like that. See, my hubby’s really shy so we were amazed at Miya’s personality. Although my mother would always share stories of how biba I was when I was a child. So I guess, she took that from me. But I think she’s way more charming than I am/was. In the baptism, she charmed everyone. I was afraid she's taking the limelight away from the celebrant.

Another one of her tricks: she poses like this when we tell her "Pano sleep si Miya?"

Day 10 of 30

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