Thursday, March 22, 2012


I planned on a totally different post for today but I was uploading some of our weekend photos in Facebook earlier and one of Miya's photos caught my eye. I thought she totally looked like me. Well, of course, I already know she looks like me the moment I saw her (ha!) but that photo should convince people who think otherwise. So for the other two (or may three) people who thought Miya looks like Joema, this is for you.

The photo on the right was one of Miya's photo from last weekend
And then I viewed back the album I posted on FB with my childhood photos and look for other photos I can paste side by side with Miya's photos. And I came up with this. See the facial features?

Same eyes, small button nose, tight lips..although I think my ears are bigger!
What do you think?

Day 5 of 30

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