Friday, March 23, 2012

Mirror Mirror

I had such an enjoyable time watching this movie. It’s been months since the last movie we’ve watched in a cinema (Joema and I, because the most recent one I’ve watched is Unofficially Yours with my girl friends from the office), was it Harry Potter or Friends with Benefits? I can’t remember anymore. It was that long ago!

I didn’t really expect much from the movie, I just know that it was a different take on the story of Snow White. The movie was light and fun. Just the perfect pick-me-up movie after a dreary day. I loved the opulent costumes and set designs. Lily Collins, the actress who played Snow White has a sweet little voice, almost enchanting. While Armie Hammer, the prince was oh-so-handsome, I thought he was a perfect fit for the prince. Julia Roberts played the Queen and she was such a fun queen. Yes, she was a wicked queen of course, but she made it in such a way that you're not really irritated at her. I don't know I just loved her as the evil queen. I've missed her in roles like this because she's been doing serious movies recently. I especially loved that scene when she was lusting over the prince and was out of her wits talking to the half naked Prince Alcott.

I'm not sure why the worldwide release of the movie is still 30 March but we already have it here in the Philippines. Anyways, go watch it if you want to have fun and not think about serious stuff while watching.

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