Monday, March 26, 2012

Missed Malaysia

We’ve had another full weekend. And I think all our weekends will be like this for the whole summer. I’m happy actually about it, I just need to find a yaya soon. Our deadline is nearing! Anyways, Joema had work on Saturday, so we were at my parents' house the whole weekend. Gymboree on Saturday, and a birthday party on Sunday for Miya. So that means more blog topics for this 30-Day Challenge of mine. Weee!!! But but but because we’re at my parents house, we weren’t able to watch the Malaysian GP, which was (as always) so eventful! There was rain, there was the safety car, there was the red flag, and a lot of jumble jumbo in the lineup. Miya’s Gymboree class was already done when qualifying was being televised but I was too lazy to search for a livestreaming of the qualifying session knowing that we won’t be able to watch the actual race because of the party we had to go to the next day.

Alonzo aquaplaning in Sepang - hubby and I agree Malaysia is the most exciting leg (in the region) of the F1 season because of the rain

I’m still not done reading the reviews and the articles on the race weekend but I’m really disappointed Vettel did not get any points in this leg (he finished 11th) while Alonso is now on top of the driver’s championship after winning. I think this year will be like 2010 when the driver’s championship was up for grabs until the last race of the season. Looks like the Red Bull cars are not as dominant as last year's. McLaren has qualified for two poles in a row (but this makes you think of what kind of a driver Hamilton is hehe). While the rookies are also showing their talents (there's Perez who won 2nd in Malaysia).

If I were to watch F1, Malaysia definitely tops my list. The race is always exciting because of the rain. The winner is always unpredictable. And it looks so much fun to watch the race from the higher ground (no seats) with your raincoat and umbrellas.
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