Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Heili's Birthday

17 March 2012

After Gymboree, we went to Makati for Heili’s birthday celebration. I can’t say it enough but I love spending weekends with these guys. Spending weekends with them is a guaranteed chillax, laid-back get-together, just hanging out, sharing stories and banters, eating and stuffing ourselves.

Miya went around the house as if she was the owner. Oh how I wish we have a bigger space she can run around in. I know it’ll be more exhausting taking care of her but atleast she’ll have enough space to roam.

Anyways, here are our photos.

Miya: Mommy, what's this?
Mommy: Anak, wag mo galawin yan at wala tayong pambayad

Miya helping Ninang blow her birthday cake

More photos after the cut....

Instant baby shower for the preggy momma

Ninong Mek lifting Miya with one hand. This is one of the few times I've seen Miya so well-behaved!

Knocked out for her afternoon nap - which was already delayed. She wasn't able to take a nap after Gymboree. She was so tired by this time.

And she's awake and back! Ooops wasn't able to put panties on her *teehee

Running and chasing Kuya Miguel

Again, it was a fun fun Saturday!

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