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Hong Kong Disneyland 2013 – Day 3 and 4

Let me continue our HK Disneyland stories. Links to my previous posts are here:

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5 November 2013

For our second day at the park, we actually got to spend most of our time with the Fongs and Bernartes. Our first agenda of the day, have our photo taken with Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Because of the long queue, we finished right around lunch time.

So after lunch, Miya took her nap. It was our time (Joema and me) to explore the park again on our own. We rode the Grizzly Gulch and then went back to Miya so that my parents can do their own exploring.

Grizzly Gulch's theme is Wild West. This is a new attraction of the park.
Miya would have loved to get wet here
We usually stay outside the Starliner Diner because it has plenty of seats and the fan is strong enough for the heat
When Miya woke up, we stationed ourselves for the parade. TIP: We had a very good spot for the parade. We sat down just before the entrance of the Adventureland. The start of the parade line stopped in front of us during the performance and it was a good spot for taking photos.

You can see our position from this photo
While waiting for the parade to start
More photos of the parade after the jump...

After the parade, we watched The Lion King.

Inside the Lion King theater

We rested for a bit after that and ate merienda. We bought those roasted squid from the carts just outside the theater and watched the two kids have fun running around.

Look at my daughter's blurry happy face!

Another blurry photo coz she's so kulit and likot

Still munching on that squid

We wanted Miya to see the elephants and hippopotamus from the Jungle Cruise so we lined up for the ride. Unfortunately, it took us a while to get in front of the line and it was already dark when it was finally our turn. And the guide that we had talked too fast we didn’t understand a thing. Well, good thing it was already our second time to try it. In hind sight, we shouldn’t have brought the kids to that ride. Miya got a bit scared although she wouldn’t admit it hahaha. Good thing though that the thing she remembers about the ride was when she got wet by the elephant which she finds funny.

Lolo and Lola aboard the Jungle Cruise
We then went to Toy Story Land where we met up with the Bernartes (a fortunate accident) and got to have our photos taken with Woody and Jessy.

Yay! Complete photo! Woody was so fond of Miya. He kept on hugging her and tapping her head and squishing her cheeks.
With Kuya Stefan

We also got to ride Slinky the Dog. Miya had so much fun with this ride, we had to do it again. Her dad taught her to raise her hands while she’s squealing “weeee” during the ride hahaha. We should’ve let her ride the parachute, she actually wanted to. But maybe next time, I was too scared (not her) thinking that it was the same as the one in Ocean Park. It’s good to hear that it’s a much much tamer version of that ride in Ocean Park.

We rode the Tea Cup again before dinner. We then all trooped in front of the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle for the fireworks. I don’t know if it was only because it was raining the night before but the fireworks display was so beautiful and amazing on our second night. I didn’t remember it to be that awesome on our first night hahaha. Sorry no photos of that as I just enjoyed the whole spectacle. Before going back to the hotel, we bought a few items for Miya at the gift shop. TIP: Never do that hahaha! The gift shops were packed with people after the fireworks. We had a hard time choosing what to buy Miya with all the people there while Miya’s having a major breakdown.  I thought it was already super late and way past her bed time. But the moment we were at the hotel room she was alive and alert again.

6 November 2013

We left early the next day for our flight back to Manila. TIP: The earliest shuttle out of Hollywood Hotel was 6am and then we had to take the train and bus going to the airport. We wouldn’t make it for our 8:20am flight. So we asked the hotel to get us taxi to get to the aiport. The taxi used their meter and just added HKD50 to our fare. Which I think was a farely reasonable amount for our taxi fare.
After check-in, we just had time to have breakfast at the airport and buy chocolates as pasalubong at the Duty Free Store.

Waiting for boarding

Goodbye. Hong Kong! See you again!

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