Friday, October 26, 2012

Coco Chicka Multiway Mormal Dress

One of the prizes I got from Mikka is a Coco Chicka multiway dress, specifically the Multiway Mormal dress.     I used the dress for the last wedding I attended. The dress came with a manual but I still had a hard time visualizing how the dress will turn out when worn. Coco Chicka's Multiply site isn't not much of a help either since they only posted the "finished" looks for each dresses. I wish they'd post a video tutorial on how to do every single look for each multiway dress. I did my own research and good thing, I found this video on Youtube. In case you want to buy yourself a multiway dress, this video is very helpful.

Although the one that I have falls below the knee (shin area actually) and the Coco Chica dress actually leaves a big gaping portion in the middle (check out the Chicify link), I was able to cover up my tummy and cleavage area with a few turn of the dress. I have to say thank you to my dear hubby for helping me dress up for the wedding. And that I love my breastfeeding boobies because they made this look dress good on me hahaha with the plunging neckline and all!

An almost full body shot of the dress

This is how my dress looks from the back. 
Tip by the way if you want to do the other styles for this dress, buy those silicon bras that you just stick onto your boobs. I have one but since they were old (used them for my wedding), the silicon is tearing apart. Or maybe because my boobs are now bigger hahaha! The styles usually are backless. My hubby had a hard time covering up my bra at the back. Good thing I had some extra fabric magic tape that we used to keep the back part of the dress in place and covered my bra. In that photo to your left, you can still see the magic tape. We had to redo the dress again. Unfortunately, when I went to the bathroom the "wrapping" of the dress got askewed and my bra kept popping at the back. Good thing I went on a bathroom break at the latter part of the night. Although, some still noticed it. My officemates kept pulling up my back hahaha! I didn't want to go back to the bathroom and fix everything because it was photo and bye-bye time already with the bride and groom.

Here's a full body shot. Sorry about the face, I'm a bit sleepy na here kaya singkit na. Tanders!


Anj said...

This dress is so cool, Cris! And you look really pretty in it. :) now if I was only as thin as you and the model! Haha.

cris said...

Awww...thanks, Anj! This dress is really cool coz I can wear it a couple of times, different styles and no one will even notice it's the same dress :)

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