Thursday, January 03, 2013

Tagaytay in December

1-2 December 2012

I think last year has been the most number of times that we’ve been to Tagaytay. We went there for Joema’s birthday and went back again for a summer outing with old friends at Canyon Woods. We also passed by Tagaytay when we went to Punta Fuego for our office summer outing. On the first weekend of December, we went back there again and stayed at Hotel Kimberly. Grabbed a voucher from DealGrocer for this one.

I love taking photos of Miya’s outfits nowadays. I’m inspired by Mommy Fleur’s blog to do OOTD photos of Miya. Her daughter is a true blue fashionista.

First we passed by Amoroma for lunch. When I read about this resto from Anna’s blog, I knew we had to try it the next time we go to Tagaytay.

Our pizza monster:

Our room at Hotel Kimberly is pretty basic (will make a separate post for my “Where to Stay” corner). What we loved is the small animal farm and the big slide outside the hotel. We didn’t even swam on their pool because the wind was already chilly. After checking in, we went back outside to see the animals and play at the big slide.

I know I’ve mentioned it again and again in this blog but I’m really loving the times Miya gets to run around outdoors and enjoy nature.

We went back inside so that Miya can take a nap. She only napped for a short time and was a little energizer bunny again afterwards.

Playing with her dad
So we went out again to visit the rabbits.

The voucher I got included a four course dinner. We had it served in our room which was actually a good thing because by the time I washed up Miya, she fell asleep.  I thought she will still wakeup for dinner because she was asleep around 6:30pm. But she didn’t wake up anymore. She only stirred for her occasional night feeding and she woke up the next day haha. Poor baby was so exhausted with all the playing she did.

The next morning, well you guessed it we went back to see the animals and play at the big slide hehe.

We went home relaxed and energize. I love vacations like this!


Anj said...

Miya's so cute! Great to see that you had a wonderful time in Tagaytay! Enjoyed your post and photos about your year 2012 too. :) hope 2013 will be a great year too for you and your family!

Anna said...

Cris! Oh my, super okay yung play area and animals in Hotel Kimberly! I've heard of Hotel Kimberly but didn't know about all the stuff little kids can do there. I am definitely bookmarking this - thanks for the tip!!!

cris said...

Thanks Anj! Hoping for a great 2013 as well :)

Anna, it's super okay for relaxation. But if you want to explore Tagaytay not so quite because it's far off from the main road. Buti nga our voucher included dinner kaya dun lang talaga kami sa hotel our whole stay in Tagaytay.

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