Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Our 2012

The other night, I was going over my head what happened to my 2012. The thing is I did not think of anything major that happened, something that popped out of my head that instant. So I started doing it monthly, and what a year to start to 2012 for us because we celebrated Miya's birthday in Hong Kong. And then our family had so many road trips during the entire year. That's when I thought, 2012 wasn't that bad. It was actually great for our family because 2012 was the year we explored together as a unit. During the year, Miya also had a lot of firsts and milestones. Let me take you back to our awesome year, here are the highlights.


We started the new year outside our home, which maybe the explanation why we had so many vacations all throughout the year. (But I don't want to subscribe to that thinking because we were all sick on the 1st day of 2013.)

New Year's Day in Greenbelt

Miya tried out Gymboree where she did her first steps without any assistance.

We spent Miya's birthday in Hong Kong and we're able to visit other HK sites which also includes HK Disneyland.


Aside from her HK celebration, we also spent a weekend to spend Miya's birthday with her Ninongs and Ninangs.

The following weekend we went to Bocaue to spend Miya's birthday with Joema's side of the family.

Unfortunately, Valentine's Day spent with the sick baby.

We stayed one weekend at EDSA Shangri-la for a staycation.


We enrolled Miya to her first Music Class in Gymboree.

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I also did Miya's first haircut.


On Holy Thursday, we did our annual Visita Iglesia with Miya.

For more sun, we trooped to Anvaya.


We spent Joema's birthday weekend in Tagaytay.

We also spent another weekend in Canyon Woods with our friends.

Before going home from Canyon Woods, our party had lunch at Antonio's.


I brought Miya and Joema to our office outing in Punta Fuego.


Finally we were able to manage Miya's skin asthma.


We tried out other toddler classes for Miya.

Then middle of August, our yaya who left in May came back!


Miya met Jollibee for the first time.


My and hubby's overnight at Pan Pacific.

Miya dressed up as Princess Leia for Halloween.


Our family's trip to Boracay is probably the highlight of 2012.

I have not blogged much in December so the updates will come this January hehe.


Anna said...

I love it! Ang saya - ang dami niyong vacations/staycations for 2012. I think 2012 was a great year for your family nga!!! Here's to more adventures for 2013!

daysinawagon said...

Miya you are so adorable!

Happy New Year to you and your family Cris!

cris said...

Anna, yes ang dami nga! We might not do that many this year hahaha! Although a few trips are already mapped out. :)

Pepper, thank you! Happy happy new year!

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