Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Birthday Celebration - Day 4

Day 4 - 31 January – Our Supposed Last Day on the Island

Before I tell how you this day went, let me just get this out of the way first. It was supposed to be our last day in Siquijor but due to Typhoon Basyang which had the entire Visayas region under Signal #s 1-3, the coast guard cancelled all ferry schedules in the are. We were told about this by a resort staff when we were about to checkout saying that all ferries was cancelled for the day. Oh my! I was the front desk after dressing up (supposedly to leave) to ask them about our options. I wouldn’t budge until they gave me an alternative. They said they have a private plane which can take us to Dumaguete. Unfortunately, the plane will be coming from Cebu and it was so rainy in Cebu that the plane can’t take off. I was trying to see on Twitter if Cebu Pacific cancelled their flights but the wifi at the resort was down and the signal was not strong for 3G connection. So I asked them to call Cebu Pacific which turned out to be a wise move because they called the Cebu Pacific counter at the Dumaguete airport and not just the Cebu Pacific customer service hotline. They then told me that the flights were not cancelled. Haaay! It would have been better if the flights were cancelled because we can ask Cebu Pacific to rebook us without charge but since they didn’t cancel the flight, I didn’t know what to do then. I went back to Joema and told him that. After clearing my mind, I told Joema we can just rebook our flight and expect much higher plane fares and then ask the resort to let us stay for free hehe. So I went back to the front desk and asked them again if they could call Cebu Pacific so that we can cancel our flight for the day and seek advise when it is okay to rebook. They were then advised by the counter that no need to cancel or rebook our flight, we just need to present a certificate from the coast guard that ferries were cancelled and that we were trapped in Siquijor. It wasn’t clear to me then if Cebu Pacific will charge us extra when we get to the airport or not. So then the front desk asked me that they can request for the certificate from the coast guard, they just asked me for our plane ticket and they made a copy which they presented to the coast guard. As for the room, we were told we can still stay in our room because no new guests will come to the resort anyway. I asked if we can stay for free but they only managed to give it to us on a discounted rate – they only offered this to us and not to the foreigner guests who were also stranded, I know because the front desk lady took me aside and said she will speak in Filipino so that I can only understand.
So initially our agenda for the day was have breakfast, swim for a while and then get ready to leave the resort which is what we did.

We had breakfast again at Salamandas Restaurant
It was super low tide that morning

It wasn't raining but the skies were a bit gloomy that morning

Miya wanted a photo with this statue by the entrance of the restaurant. She calls this "hmp!" kasi parang galit with matching cross arms haha!

But as I’ve mentioned at the start of this post, we had to change our plans. After clearing everything out at the front desk, we decided to have lunch at Sunset Restaurant.


And then we changed back to resort wear (good thing I packed extra extra clothes for Miiya and I had a few extra clothes as well) and frolicked under the sun. It was suprising that Siquijor was under Signal #1 that day because it was really sunny and the water was pretty calm. We were grateful for the extra day because we were able to explore the whole beach.


Allow me to post this here. Natuwa lang ako dahil parang paparazzi shots, feeling Hollywood mom ako!

We also saw the most perfect sunset during our entire stay that day. I thought it was God’s assurance to us that everything will be fine. We wouldn’t have seen that sunset if we had left the island earlier that day.




These were taken by Sunset Restaurant (that’s when I realized that’s why it was named Sunset hehe, the sunsets were more beautiful in that area). Good thing we decided to have our dinner there. I asked Joema if we can eat there because I find that they have more choices to offer than in Salamandas. And their food is much more delicious than the other restaurant. When we left the restaurant it started to rain..

To be continued…

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